Offices in the centre of Angers

Starting at 210€ HT a month, with no long standing contracts, young and independent companies can make use of an office equipped with more than +1000m2 in the center of Angers. Work in a quality environment, welcome your clients and partners, make use of collective thinking, of a network and an ecosystem that is favorable towards the hatching of ideas and business ... that is what you are in for if you come work at Weforge!

Weforge Office is:

  • 1 office with furniture
  • 2 equipped meeting rooms + 1 cafeteria + 4 downtime areas
  • Weekly workshops with our partners
  • 1 place to organize your professional events.
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these are the people

who talk about it the most

Virginie Desert-Beurton, Valeurs & Co
« There is an a form of enthusiasm here that I appreciate a lot, This enthusiasm and this freedom is something that I find very interested and it is something that I strive to transmit to my clients, liberate your company, innovate by putting the human being at the centre. »
Jean-Marc Malecot, Esprit Digital
« When I started up my company, separating professional life and personal life was very important. Here I have access to the services of a real company, and I have also made up a new network and work with other smiths. »
David Raimbaud, Wiseband
« I was working from home and I needed an intern, renting an office has become a necessity, I appreciate having colleagues that are not part of the same company, this facilitates amicable relationships. And on a professional level opportunities can be created naturally. »
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