Weforge’s daring and Campus Tech’s excellence reunited for vocationally trainings

Aware of the new challenges related to the need for a strong complementarity between recognition of professional experience and adaptability of diplomas and trainings to the world of enterprise, Weforge and Campus Tech propose an unprecedented alliance: from now on, the certification diploma adapts itself to the reality of those who make the economic life. With a program dedicated to each profile (startup, manager / employee and student), Weforge CAMPUS transgresses boundaries between higher education and companies, by offering personal certification diploma which is based on a recognition of experience acquired by modules. This program delivers diplomas of post-baccalaureate to a master’s degree level.



Weforge Campus TEAM: entrepreneur, launch your startup and secure your project by acquiring a diploma.

Weforge Campus EXECUTIVE: director or employee, get your experience recognized  and validate your skills.

Weforge Campus SCHOOL: student, complete your formation with a dual degree, besides your school curriculum.

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