Domiciliation of company’s in Angers

Are you starting up a new activity, you want to change the headquarters of your company? With the domiciliation service at WeForge Angers, make use of a professional address, well known in the center of Angers and with partnership advantages. As well as dealing with all the office post, Weforge can be found at 25 rue lenepveu (next to the Fnac) in Angers and offers company’s domiciliation :

  • Networking Events
  • Free access to the recruitment page on WeForge
  • 30% off renting the meeting rooms



  • 20 euros a month to rent an office
  • 40 euros a month for domiciliation only
  • For foreign companies an estimation will be made
  • Renting meeting rooms is 50 euros for a half-day and 100 euros for a full day
  • Withdrawal of post during WeForge opening hours.


  • Name of the company, legal form, capital amount, sector of activity, copy of kbis.
  • Name and second name of representative, telephone number and personal adresse + copy of ID + proof of adresse.
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who talk about it the most

Nicolas Jankowiak, Parkéo
« To be domiciled at Weforge, makes us able to establish our headquarters in the center of Angers at a very fair price. We can benefit from a meeting room when we need one, without any engagement. »
Damien Pierre, Izifarm
« Domiciled for over a year at Weforge, I am very happy with this service. As well as managing my post, it is also a very enriching place with a community of entrepreneurs that are local and dynamic. »
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